Ana Isabel RibeiroMPH, PhD Principal InvestigadorEpidemiologist and Health Geographer 
Henrique BarrosMD, PhD Co-Principal InvestigadorEpidemiologist and Coordinator of G11 and EPI Porto cohorts
José Pedro SilvaPhD Sociologist
Carla MoreiraPhD Statistician
Raquel LucasPhD Epidemiologist
André MoreiraMD, PhD Medical doctor and epidemiologist
João Cavaleiro RufoPhD Environmental and occupational health specialist
Inês PaciênciaPhD Environmental and occupational health specialist
Cláudia Jardim SantosPhD Candidate

Ema TorresSociologist and Field Worker

José FerreiraCivil Engineer and Coordinator of the Studies and Planning Office at Domus Social, E.M.

Joana RestivoPhD Researcher and Architect at Domus Social, E.M.